I'm delighted to offer our services from a variety of multi-talented practitioners.  I suggest simply trusting your intuition when choosing a practitioner but you may also contact any of them directly to learn more or contact us  or call (574) 208-8416. to help you find a good match. I have witnessed and experienced their wonderful work and highly recommend them all. Everyone of the Vibrance Center Practitioners offers their talents in a nonjudgmental  and compassion light. Our mission is to holistically unleash human potential. Whether your simply need to recharge your high performance batteries or you need to completely restructure your life, we're here to give you the support to make it happen. I look forward to meeting you!

  ~ Colleen Kielton, Founding President

Kirsten Marie

Reiki Master

  • Holy Fire Reiki Master
  • Practice focus: Women's Health
  • Contact Kirsten


Jennifer Scearse

Reiki Master Apprentice

  • Vibrational Sound Therapist
  • Reiki Master Apprentice
  • Pain
  • Stress associated with Emotional Trauma, Anxiety
  • Contact: Jennifer


Colleen Kielton, Founding President

Holy Fire Karuna Reiki Master Teacher

  • Founding President
  • Emotional Resilience Workshop Facilitator
  • Holy Fire Karuna ReikiĀ® Master Teacher
  • Emotional Resilience & Reiki Plexus Methodā„¢
  • 574-904-9183, Colleen
  • Stress associated with Addictions, Relationships, Emotional Trauma

For your convenience you may purchase your session here. Some clients find it pleasant to already have the payment taken care of prior to their visit. We understand that schedules change on short notice. Please give our practitioners a 24 hour notice before rescheduling.

Sessions with Reiki Masters


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