I finally finished the booklet covers for the Jedi Training Group for Veterans!  I will be adding details later. I just didn't want to wait to post these!


Participants will work in one booklet each week. The first level will introduce holistic health for your ideal being. We all already have this potential, but rarely is it tapped. As you work through the books, you will  likely feel much more complete and emotionally resilient.  After you finish the first set of books, you'll be ready for the Jedi Knight level where we'll explore the universe within with the intention of expanding your ideal being.

The online aspect is currently developing, in the meantime, Veterans and their spouses are welcome to come to our group at the Vet Center on Miami. This group intends to lead participants towards their ideal being regardless of the reason you are not feeling like your ideal self. Life is a lot better when you have access to holistic restoration.


We meet on Mondays from 9:00 to 11:00 and Thursdays from 17:00 to 19:00 each week. Choose one or, ideally, come to both.  Join the group at anytime. The Initiate Level introduces you to the program concept, defines terminology, and sets overall program intentions.

Vibrance Center of Michiana, Inc ~ 224 W Jefferson Blvd. Suite 202, South Bend, IN 46601 ~ colleen@VibranceCenter.com ~ (574) 904-9183