Holistic Workplace

Enrich the Soul of Your Organization


Sincerely caring about your staff's stress levels sends a strong message to your organization. Offering holistic stress relief services through the Vibrance Center, will certainly send that message.


While you are enriching the soul of your organization with our stress relief services, you are enriching the soul of your community. Your employees then go home to their families happier; they go into our community happier, leave better tips, and brighten someone else's day.  Guess what they do? You guessed it, they volunteer to build a house with Habitat for Humanity! Our dedicated, compassionate, and well-trained practitioners love keeping the essence of your business humming, focused, and healthy.


We all win when you choose the Vibrance Center to reduce stress at work.


Here are some options to consider for bringing holistic stress relief on board or to  enrich your already productive program.


• Purchase set amount of short sessions for your

   employees to use as needed.

• Become a corporate partner by  purchasing a set

   amount of  monthly services and receive a corporate


• Schedule a seminar series for your key employees

• Schedule workshops for your employees.

• Begin the process of shifting your culture with detailed

   evaluations with key leaders, surveying your staff,

   and emotionally restructuring your organization.

• Create your own internal holistic stress relief center.

   We'll train your staff!

• Schedule a Stress Relief Day. We'll come to you!


Rates will vary according to services rendered but a discount will be involved!  Regular Rates


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