Affecting Culture
 To put the world in order, we must first put the nation in order; to put the nation in order, we must first put the family in order; to put the family in order; we must first cultivate our personal life; we must first set our hearts right. – Confucius People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care...

C-Suite Seminar/Workshops

To summarize,

I teach your key reports the holistic stages of development, equipping your leader team with a deeper understanding of any individual–including themselves– or group of people. Graduates of my classes learn the simple energetic system that we, as individuals, and as groups, all progress through as we grow or enter new siuations. This understanding makes finding the fix for broken systems much easier. Not to oversimplify, understanding these stages gives a simple yet profound system to follow, and the checkpoints to cover. Happy to dicuss how to give your key leaders a distinct advantage.        –Colleen

We believe we're all in this together. Your organization, your family, you, and I, all share the same community. I care about our community and these seminars are me doing my part to build a healthier community.


Most us of know that stressed out employees cost a lot of money. We also know that health, loyalty, and productivity increase when members of the organization feel cared for. Sounds so simple right? Right.... To show we care, we must speak the same language.


If I intend to show that I care by giving you the heel of the bread because it is my favorite part of the loaf and you feel the heel is discard material, we are not speaking the same language.


Even with all of the preprogrammed beliefs and messages, we have one common language that transcends all demographics. If we approach communication from the perspective of the Holistic Stages of Development, we understand each other from the basis of humanity. These stages also build the core of all functioning bodies, whether an individual or a large organization. These stages begin with establishing a foundation and finish with a synchronized entity.


We believe that corporate culture considerably influences community culture. We believe that shifting the culture of organizations will in turn shift the culture of a community.


If your organization has great culture, a Seminar in Emotional Resilience will be well received. If your organization would like to shift the culture, this seminar can be a game changer. A chaotic, fear based organization may spend tremendous energy on repairing damage, undoing drama, recovering from sick time, replacing employees, and other ill effects from lack of trust in an organization.


How your organization can benefit from our services.


This seminar walks participants through a user friendly "road map" to emotional resilience which any individual, family, or organization can follow. Once your organization develops a healthy resilience level, its energy can be utilized for productivity, expansion, and growth rather than on rising above chaos.


Therefore, we bring resilience to your organization and resilience brings your organization productivity, expansion, and growth. Expansion and growth provides a dynamic work environment. Fueled by their dynamic work environment, employees have energy to invest in their home life and community, which benefits all of us.


Contact me directly to discuss arranging a workshop for your organization.


Colleen Kielton, Founding President

Vibrance Center of Michiana, Inc.


Stress vs Pressure


The difference between stress and pressure is that stress is chaos and pressure, under ideal conditions, creates diamonds.


This difference is rooted in a "fear vs trust" dynamic. Those who fear pressure crumble under it. Those who thrive under pressure, consider it a challenge and rise to overcome it.


Shifting to a life motivated by trust rather than fear opens up the ability to develop resilience.


Your team can learn how to shift from Fear to Trust in one half-day Seminar in Emotional Resilience. Integrating the shift takes a little practice but the framework is simple enough to grasp and hold after the seminar. Ongoing support for three months is included though, just in case.


Let's work together to strengthen each person in your organization because your strong organization will build our strong community. We all benefit when your organization is emotionally resilient.


Tuition: $89/person

Half-day seminar with break.

Morning, afternoon, or weekend morning retreat.


Location will vary to meet the requirements of the group. Your facility, conference rooms at South Bend Regional Chamber, or the St. Joseph County Public Library could all be viable options until we finish our new building downtown South Bend.

The facility of choice should allow participants to sit comfortably, to engage in small group conversation, to have lunch, and to write in notebooks.


Half of tuition for your group is due two weeks in advance of seminar. I look forward to planning your seminar with you!


Colleen Kielton

Founding President




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