Holistic Retreat Center

“To put the world in order, we must first put the nation in order; to put the nation in order, we must first put the family in order; to put the family in order;

we must first cultivate our personal life;

we must first set our hearts right.”

– Confucius

Vibrance Center of Michiana, Inc. Where holistic stress relief becomes Re-creation for the Soul

We have an amazing building to build an amazing holistic community center. In this Holistic Retreat Center, we will enrich our souls, learn to unravel our past trauma, repair relationships, expand our being, build relationships, come ALIVE! Release the amazing human being that you know you are.


Retreat for an hour, a day, a weekend alone, with friends, send your staff for a half day. Stay for a week and completely recharge your batteries!


Take a look at the first floor video to see the need for some awesome people then check out the videos of potential "afters" below and see how cool we can make our Holistic Retreat Center.


Let us know what you think!


Holistic Community Center Interest Survey





Building Purchase:     $750,000


Behind the scenes expenses:

Professional Services:                                 $2000

Building Deposit                                      $10,000

Insurance                                                    $1.000


                           ***SUBTOTAL***       $13,000





Cleaning Effort

Cleaning Supplies

Trash Removal



PHASE TWO - 1st Build Out (Estimates)


6 treatment rooms 10'x12'  ($1,000 ea)      $6,000


Hallway 55' x 4' (220 sq ft)


3D Vinyl+Epoxy  $6/sqft ($1320)                 $1980

Treatment Rooms


6 Massage Tables $100 each                        $600

6 Chairs for clients in room                            $600

6 Treatment chairs                                         $600

6 Small desks in rooms                                 $600



Floor Painting

Water Fountains for front and back areas

Cash register, POS software and equipment

Meaningful Artwork

Stuff we forgot

Stuff we didn't see coming



                    ***SUBTOTAL***       $13,380


First and Second Floor (landlord's estimate)


1. Concrete floor on both levels             $ 12,500

2. Replace stairwell fro 1st to 2nd floor    $ 2,200

3. Open a new door on back alley               $ 900

4. New 2 bathrooms w/ wheelchair access’s,

     seats, sinks, arms and sized doors     $ 6,500

5. Main doors (3) entrances                     $ 2,800

6. Fix damaged areas and painting walls and

    ceilings at both levels                           $ 6,400

7. Update the entire electric system       $ 13,800

8. Heating and A/C systems                     $ 7,600


                                •• SUB-TOTAL  $ 52,700 ••

Vibrance Center of Michiana, Inc ~ 224 W Jefferson Blvd. Suite 202, South Bend, IN 46601 ~ relief@VibranceCenter.com ~ (574) 208-8416


Holistic Retreat Center
Vibrance Center of Michiana, Inc. Where holistic stress relief becomes Re-creation for the Soul