About the Founder

My Background

          I married an attorney who became a Worker's Compensation Magistrate in the State of Michigan. He traveled to the Upper Peninsula from our home in Southwest Michigan. Because he was on the road, sometimes for the sake of convenience, I would type his opinions. This opportunity exposed me to the critical value of an education and properly preparing to work on the public.

        When I received my first two Reiki levels, I already had a degree in Psychology from Michigan State University. Not feeling that I had enough training still, I began taking pre-nursing classes at Indiana University South Bend. Beginning with Chemistry (yes, I tested out of college algebra ;-) ) I went on to take 55 credit hours in health sciences and other classes I found appropriate for this type of therapy, such as Art, Chinese Medicine, Integrative Medicine, Holistic Modalities, and Organizational Communication. All the while, I informally studied energy medicine from the work of Dr. Joe Dispenza, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Lynne McTaggart, Carolyn Myss, Donna Eden, Cyndi Dale and several others.


My Practice

         One day, I realized the full picture.  I could see all of the core elements of our energetic bodies and how all of the elements synchronized with each other. I could see the ideal pattern and  how this pattern can be restored. I understood the grid that surrounds a human body and how to decipher the message within it.

        To better prepare to share this information I chose to continue my education in the form of a Master's Degree in Strategic Communication at Purdue University, with the intention to begin writing manuals, workbooks, workshops, seminars, certification courses.  I also intend to write works on the opioid crisis, with which I am entirely too familiar, having two sons who have been caught in this tsunami of pharmaceutical madness.


My Relationship with the Medical Community

          Above and beyond all else, I want to share my respect for the professions in the medical industry. I do not bash or otherwise disrespect the medical profession. I understand that becoming a physician is not a casual experience. Many of you began your training before you began toilet training wearing a little onezie with "Future Doctor" on it.

        I am here to support the medical profession. Your work, works better on a less stressed body. I am here to help make your work more successful. Although my education is not a medical degree, I take education and my work seriously. I have incurred over $100K in debt in education to become the best in the field.  I treat my clients whether or not they can pay my rate. I formed a non-profit to facilitate healing.

        I look forward to partnering with you to bring a new level of health to your patients.  Contact me for an appointment or to answer any questions you may have about Reiki or energy work in general.



Vibrance Center of Michiana, Inc ~ 224 W Jefferson Blvd. Suite 202, South Bend, IN 46601 ~ relief@VibranceCenter.com ~ (574) 208-8416