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~ Holistically relieve stress and recharge your batteries.

~ Add a new dimension of drive, health, & inner peace using holistic modalities.

~ Let go of the past that holds you back.

~ Usher in your higher calling.

~ Find a new career building the resilience of your community

~ Volunteer to help build our center or just to offer some peace to those in need

~ Make major life changes with minor disturbance to your soul.

~ Why we're a nonprofit.


Recharge Your Batteries

          For our high performers. We offer 15 and 30 minutes sessions for our clients who can take an hour off their "on" time. Our energy therapy can shake off the jitters before a big meeting, recharge your synapes afters hours of preparation, give you a mid-stream boost as your continue your work. We can come to you or you can come to us if you need a change of scene. These short sessions are also great just before a golf game or before and after any performance. Back to top.


New Dimension

          Are you ready for a new you? Are you tired of weird aches and pains, being stuck, feeling emotionally drained or heavy? Want to wake up and hear your inner lion roar? We suggest at least a package (buy four get one free) to secure you on your new path. Believe it or not, almost everyone can make enormous shifts in their life with just five sessions. This journey takes a little more work than making a choice. Once you make the choice, you'll need to restructure some things in your life and environment to bring everything up to speed. We have helped many make the shift. We can help you too! We're here to stablize you so you don't need us anymore. Although we would love to see you for a monthly or quarterly check up to keep you on track. Back to top.


Past Issues

          We all have heard that even though we live in a country where we are no longer stuck with our previous generations duties, many of us do not know what to do to change the heritage of poverty, obesity, health issues, and other things apparently passed on to us through our environment. Here's some great news! You have a choice and we can help you make great strides towards any life you choose. We believe a package (buy four get one free) is the best option for success in the major endeavor. Back to top.


Higher Calling

          If you are trying to find your life purpose, you have definitely come to the right place. We help you get in touch with YOU so you can find your best place for you in this world. We believe that we are all here for a purpose and when we are in touch with our purpose, we not only benefit ourselves but we offer the best of us to the world. That just feels great. Let us help you create a win-win-win situation! Back to top.


New Career

          Have you discovered that your higher calling is to work in the holistic field? Congratulations! We would love to walk you through options with our Center. We can also help you find other modalities that might suit you. Maybe you have one in mind and would like to bring it to the Center. Great! Let's talk! Back to top.



          We love to bring peace to our community. Veterans, nursing homes, traumatized families, traumatized individuals, victims of crime, fire, floods, etc. There are many opportunities to help our community recover from tradegies. We need to know about them and we need to show up like the Red Cross and soothe souls so our we can regain stability. If you would like to become a Reiki volunteer or help us find those in need contact Colleen.


Major Life Changes

          By now you know, it takes a decision deep within to make REAL life changes. Letting go of a lifetime or even generations of habits and thought processes takes a deep determination and abundant support.  Our experienced therapists will walk you through the process AND remain available as a support throughout your journey to the new you. We help you re-create your life as the new you emerges. Many times we don't think about how our changes affect the world around us. This is one major reason for falling back into old habits. Adjusting to the change within our environment has its own set of challenges.

          We will stick with you throughout the process. We may see you anywhere from daily to monthly as you progress through your changes. We have a list of excellent holistic practitioners in the field to whom we may refer you for additional services depending upon your specific situation.



          We are a nonprofit for a reason. If you need to make very big changes, chances are, you have decimated your financial structure as well. We understand this and we find many ways for you pay for your services. We know you have value to offer, we help you find that too. Sometimes, you might just volunteer your time somewhere. We get it. Most of us have been there too! We believe that we are all in this life together and must help each other reach higher levels. We welcome you to the restoration team. First project - YOU!


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